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We have deployed various CRM solutions across industries in Vietnam & worldwide. We have achieved this with a talented team and deep understanding of CRM as a solution

Our team has complete command over the SuiteCRM framework and SOAP/REST API allowing us to seamlessly SuiteCRM integrate with any other application easily.

We offer various extensions to increase overall Productivity and Collaboration that improves efficiency while working with prospects and customers.


We make extensions that power 500+ CRM systems

Themes & Plugins


Ensure a truly personalized SuiteCRM experience by leveraging the expertise of our SuiteCRM consultants and developers and completely customize the look and feel of SuiteCRM.

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Customer Portal

For retailers, optimizing the customer experience (CX) is critical. It doesn’t matter whether your business sells through brick-and-mortar, online, or mobile channels. Customers now demand an omni-channel understanding of who they are across online and offline interactions.

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File Field

The File Field type allows you to add unlimited file upload fields to any module. Need to required certain files such as a quote? Add files to any module with the File field available in Studio.

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Kanban View

Kanban is a visual system for managing work as it moves through a process. Now your business can quickly see visuals of sales funnel stages and other day-to-day functions for tasks, cases, invoices and custom modules while working in SuiteCRM.

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Google Login

With multiple accounts, it’s difficult for people to remember all of their login information. No more having to remember yet another new login account, this plugin provides log in functionality using existing google credential rather than creating separate login credential for CRM.

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Rating Field

Rate and mark all your customers and opportunities at a glance. Setting visual indicators on data is natural and really helpful to be able to distinguish at a glance the most important Accounts or Contacts in your Database.

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MailChimp Integration

Save Your Team Countless Hours. This integration syncs your lists in both directions so that you can work in your preferred application. Segment and Group your MailChimp subscribers based on SuiteCRM data so you can market to the right people at the right time. Fully compatible with all versions of SuiteCRM.

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Google Calendar & Contact Sync

Efficiently organize all your schedule in one place with Google Calendar Integration for SuiteCRM. Maintain all your contact information up-to-date from one place either from your SuiteCRM or Google Calendar. Get your Google Contacts and Calendar items automatically synced instantly with this seamless integration.

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Twilio Call Integration

SuiteCRM Integration with Twilio Call for both inbound and outbound call centers. It seamlessly integrates & easy to configure. Twilio Call based IP telephony system need such integration to be cost-effective and increase agents productivity.

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