Ecommerce Built for You

Your business and its aspirations are unique. We specialize in providing ecommerce solutions that meet these individual business needs. Today and into the future.

Expand Your Business with an Online Store

Expand your business into new markets with an online and mobile presence. Digitize your product catalog and enable online ordering with a platform that supports both headless commerce and traditional eCommerce.

One Platform for B2B, B2C, and B2X

Address all B2B, B2C, and B2X (B2B2B, B2B2C, etc.) scenarios in a single platform. Support any business-to-business eCommerce model from Self-Service websites and Quote-to-Order portals to B2B Marketplaces with a scalable and flexible platform.

Keep Your eStore and BackOffice in Sync

Connect to BackOffice system and fully digitize your supply chain. Coordinate your online store with your business operations and automate inventory management, order management, and pricing calculations.

End-to-End or Headless Commerce Solutions

Headless or End-to-end Commerce

When it comes to commerce solutions, there’s no such thing as “one size fits all.” We recognize that your needs will evolve over time and that’s why we offer flexible options to adapt with your growing business. We bring you online ecommerce, without the complexity.

Whether you’re looking for an API-driven commerce experience to connect to your existing infrastructure or an end-to-end, full-service solution, we have the technology, tools, and experience to help you succeed.

Reduce the complexity of your custom projects with the features of our out-of-the-box B2B eCommerce solutions

Corporate Account Management

Manage corporate accounts across B2B organizations including different sub-departments, business-units, and geographic locations. Define unique experiences with each business entity while still maintaining the roll-up view of the account across multiple businesses, teams, departments, offices, or branches.

Access Controls, Roles, & Permissions

Providing the correct user the right access to the right information is critical. Build your own roles for buyers and internal employees so you only get access to the capabilities that make sense.

Multiple Price Lists

Create and manage multiple price lists for specific corporate accounts, business units, or individual-buyers. Price lists can contain an unlimited number of price points, pricing tiers, and international currencies.

Multiple Shopping Lists

Corporate buyers can save and work on multiple shopping lists in OroCommerce. This enables buyers to work on multiple projects, save shopping lists for future use, and quickly purchase previously saved products.

Personalized B2B Catalog Management

Organize and personalize your product catalogs for specific companies, business units, and even individual buyers. Showcase different offerings depending on the customer group and provide a positive and personal website experience.

Multiple Organizations, Websites & Stores

Many businesses manage multinational brands that operate across various countries, currencies, and tax regulations. OroCommerce comes out-of-the-box with flexible and robust multi-website management capabilities allowing organizations to easily control multiple web stores from one central admin console.

Content Management System

Native CMS capabilities allow marketers and merchandise managers to easily manage digital media and rich product information pages so online buyers get the information they need to make a purchase.

Segmentation & Custom Reports

Our dashboard and reporting engine along with our advanced segmentation capabilities allow merchants to gain actionable insights into their data. Track business KPIs, understand customer purchasing patterns, and build targeted marketing lists for more successful marketing campaigns.

Flexible Workflow Engine

Create an unlimited number of custom workflows to support both buyer and merchant-related processes. The flexible workflow engine allows sellers to customize customer-facing workflows, like the checkout experience or order submission process, in addition to back-end processes, like sales follow-ups or order fulfillment logistics.

SEO Management

Optimize your web-pages for relevant, high-traffic keywords and define SEO related data like URL slugs, meta-titles, meta-descriptions, meta-keywords, and more.

Email Engine

OroCommerce comes with a built-in email engine that can send emails to customers or prospective buyers right from the application. Both free-form emails and transactional, templated emails are both supported with our email engine.

Inventory Management

Keep track of product availability in one or several warehouses, display inventory to buyers and sales reps, and automatically update inventory each time someone places an order. In addition, OroCommerce also provides flexibility in connect with Enterprise Retail Planning (ERP) software, Warehouse Management Systems, and Product Information Management (PIM) tools should you already have the systems in-place.

Promotions Management

Our promotions engine supports the management of one-time coupons, scheduled discounts, and on-going deals. Set up promotions, such as order discounts, line item discounts, Buy X/Get Y deals, and free-shipping offers, to win new customers and grow your business.

Tax Management

Use our tax engine to set up tax rules per customer, customer group, product, or product category for different jurisdictions. OroCommerce also supports integration into 3rd party tax systems.

Quotes & Orders

Enable online commerce for your B2B buyers and digitize all buyer-seller interactions. Let your online buyers request quotes, negotiate pricing, and place orders on your website while your sales representatives respond to RFQs and create online purchase orders.

Customer Relationship Management

Get a full multi-channel CRM and gain a single, 360-degree view of your customers across marketing, sales, and customer support interactions.


Digital Commerce opens new opportunities for manufacturers across all industries. Just like B2C eCommerce changed the face of retail, early eCommerce adopters in B2B manufacturing will gain major competitive advantages and win market share.

94% of B2B buyers already research online for purchasing decisions meaning your brand is only as good as your website’s digital experience. However, the requirements to eCommerce for manufacturers are more complex compared to simple online shopping carts seen in B2C eCommerce websites.

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The emergence and popularity of online purchasing has given B2B distributors favorable conditions to tap into a growing pool of online B2B buyers. Google reports that nearly half of all B2B researchers are millennials and today’s modern buyers expect to view and easily make purchases – not only during working hours, but at any time and from any location.

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