Business Application Development

Our Software Development Services

We run a complete line-up of custom software development services, which means we have no problem pitching in at any stage of your project. Each of these services can be rendered to fit web, mobile or IoT development depending on your vision and requirements


Leave it to our business analysts, who will mind-read your needs and create detailed project requirements.

QA & Testing

Let no bug slip through with our well-equipped team of both manual and automated test engineers.

Proof of Concept

Test the waters with our highly visual and interactive wireframes and mockups before taking a plunge.

DevOps & Integration

Unlock new efficiencies with continuous deployment and project infrastructures expertly configured by our DevOps.

Frontend & Backend

Give your product both a polished look and a powerful functional core in one go with no need to search for any other vendors.

Support & Maintenance

Enjoy your 6-month warranty on all the code we deliver, as well as fall back on us anytime your product requires more features.

Why Turn to Our Business Application Development Company

One of many yet outstanding in its own way, Up5tech competes with other software development firms on the grounds of quality, creativity, and dedication.

We have the right skills, tools, and resources

Think of us as a one-stop shop to cover all of your software development needs with a precise stack of technologies

Smooth With us, you remain in full control along the wayjourney without frustrating experiences

Thoughtful usability makes an app You have full control over your project, reserving the right to accept or reject candidates to set up your perfect team and pleasant in use

We provide you with easy and painless scalability options

You can scale your project and team capacity up and down, as needed — no rigid terms

No complexity is too complex

We pulled off highly demanding projects across specialized niches such as IPTV, airport facility management and patient engagement, to name a few. Come challenge us with your project

We are ready to start right away

With a number of specialists available to start on short notice, we can launch your project as fast as in 10 days

We provide the highest level of expertise

67% of our staff are senior software developers